Here are some of the characters I've created or modified for handy referrence


Phoenix - Goddess of Flame (Note: Several Versions were created, please check this against printed versions and forward any corrections or changes.)

Vortex - Naughty Mentalist (Note: This version does not include substantial changes made by GM)

Nemesis - Angry Avatar of Gravity

Frostbite - Enermy of IceMan, pawn of Nemesis

Night Terror - Nutjob Assassin

Ultrasonique - French EcoNutjob

Utility - Normal guy with the best equipment and training money can buy

Project Sunburst - Mutants in a world of Fashion Models

And here are the Non-villains:

Mindstorm - The former Captain Wildcard, an unstable associate of The Sentinels

Guardian - A page just for him, his stats and background

Obsidian - From Down Under, our own token minority

IceMan - No longer lost in space, he's here to chill with the Sentinels

Curveball - One of the best dressed telekinetic's in the world